Sunday, 5 February 2012

TFA trip to maison ladurée...

We went to Maison Ladurée in Covent Garden for afternoon coffees and cakes which was really scrummy! It's a little hard to find (we walked around the Market for ages trying to find it to discover it's next to Whittards). We would recommend going there as it's really pretty and the coffee is really good!


TFA xx

Thursday, 2 February 2012

KARL: The much anticipated collection fails to wow TFA...

Karl Lagerfeld, a pioneer of modern fashion, an icon and a witty raconteur, has just launched KARL: the most anticipated fashion collection of the year so far. In true Karl style the collection is showy and unashamedly self-indulgent (his own head being the print which is the main theme in the collection). Moreover, all clothes are in his signature monochrome palette. We cannot deny the fashion oracle that he deserves the cult following who will don his ‘affordable’ range clothing with delight, after witnessing the elegant glamour and finesse he has brought to all his Chanel collections. However, I personally feel the range is a bit disappointing; I have to be totally honest and say that even as a fan of Karl and Chanel lover (who isn’t?), I don’t think that I can see myself walking around London sporting his huge, sparkling effigy emblazoned on my torso, even though I appreciate he is looking good for an older gentleman! I think Karl may have forgotten his own fashion rule here, that less is more and even though he has neglected colour, he has added to much embellishment and made the clothes seem slightly tacky, a little reminiscent of All-Saints clothes, but less tasteful.  I think that Karl is great, and I cannot wait for the next Chanel collection, where I know he’ll work his Karl magic, but I cannot help but be slightly disappointed for us who would have hoped for the range to be slightly more edgy but also sophisticated.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

T.F.A.'s Tea Bag Tip

Not only does it taste amazing, Green Tea is the perfect pick after a long day to rewind and relax. As well as this, Green Tea is claimed to have some amazing health benefits!
Some researchers believe the leaf has the potential to fight cancer and heart disease, whilst also having a role in lowering cholesterol, burning fat, preventing diabetes, stroke, and staving off dementia. (Source: WebMD)
So drink up my dears!

[My favourite type is Duchy's Green Tea with Jasmine, but Twinnings also do a selection which is tried and very much approved by moi.]

With Love,
T. F. A.