Monday, 14 November 2011

Versace for H&M - Gaud or Glamour?

In a mere few days, hours, and minutes – this very week – the much awaited arrival of Versace for H&M will hit stores. But is it more ‘gaud’ than glamour? Donatella previewed the collection at a New York event in early November, revealing her striking designs. These consisted of head to toe flamboyant floral patterns, which were projected on an array of colourful attire. She used the history of the fashion house for inspiration, incorporating plenty of leopard print, blouson jackets, palm prints and mini silk skirts, as well as pinafore dresses, plain tunics and floral bustiers - not forgetting Donatella’s famous studded leather pieces.  
Versace’s H&M closet has received great praise from critics, and general fashion lovers alike. So am I the only one that feels a little let down by the undoubtedly talented Donatella? Although I appreciate what she’s done with the task, I would have liked to see something a little different. Some of the cute and sultry mini dresses are admirable, but similar styles can be purchased in most high street retailers for a comparable price. While the huge heart print with fringing look striking in photos when worn by performers such as Nikki Minaj (who was present at the New York preview), in reality they comes across as slightly tacky. To put it bluntly, some pieces look more more suited as a stage costume, rather than a cheaper alternative to couture.  Ideally I would have loved to see more sleek ‘elegance with an edge’ mini dresses that I’ve seen many a time on the Versace runway. 

I don't think I'll be sporting the above dress any time soon.

However, there are a few pieces that may take your fancy.

(Don't forget that the collection includes some accessories too. I'm secretly craving the 'barbie' pink shoes...)

Versace for H&M is out in stores on the 17th. 

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